Yekta Zaman Khorasan 

Domestic Logistics Services – Warehousing Services – Rail Terminal

About Us:

Yekta Zaman Khorasan company with high experience and a well-defined plan by considering the mission , is offering all kinds of transportation services . since the establishment so far, alongwith economical and industrial development, leaving behind all challenges, Succeeded to be a dynamic unit in the field of transportation. Yekta Zaman Khorasan company honored to be trusted executor and consultant for all merchants and industrialists. Evidence of this achivement is having this chance to work with industries and economical hubs specially in vast khorasan province.

Company Facilities:

۱- Unloading area of 40000 square meters 2- Dedicated railway for entrance and exit of important and export wagons 3- 6000 square meters of roofed warehouses in order to unloading of import commodities 4- Roofed wagon unloading spaces in hopper shape and mechanized 5- Having 60 tons weight bridge 6- Possibility of unloading all kind of bulk shipments like wheat, grain, animal feed, bag shipments and condensate 7- Having industrial boiler unit in order to unloading tank wagons 8- Having loader, liftrack and all other new instruments 9- Having young and experienced staff 10- All warehouses are approved by custom and veterinary organization.